A Response to Tim Watts’ Ransomware Bill

Proving that government meddling in the private sector’s cyber security practices isn’t a partisan issue, Labor’s Tim Watts, the Shadow Assistant Minister for Cyber Security, has introduced a Bill to force private companies to interact with the ACSC — the Australian Cyber Security Centre — which is part of the ASD, the Australian Signals Directorate. … Read more

Why Free Speech is Important for Digital Privacy

We rarely pause to reflect upon how encryption entered the public domain. Prior to the late ’70s, encryption was a domain for the military, with very little utility for the average person. Computers were expensive hobbies for cashed-up geeks, ARPANET was the Internet, and mobile phones weren’t even a dream. What I have written below … Read more

The Road to Digital Serfdom: Australia’s Government Proposes ID Checks for Social Media, Dating Sites

“With government legislation, it’s rare that legislation is repealed (e.g., “hate speech” laws), rare that nonsensical or failed government programmes are closed down, and rare that governments decrease in size, power, and influence. For digital privacy, this natural cadence of ever increasing government power can only mean more legislation against citizens’ digital privacy and freedom; … Read more

APRA to Increase Cyber Security Regulation Despite no Material Cyber Security Breaches in Financial Services

APRA — an independent statutory authority that supervises institutions across banking, insurance and superannuation — has promised to increase cyber security regulations, even going as far to extend its regulatory reach from 680 entities to over 17,000 entities. One would that think such “regulatory intervention” is based on evidence of its existing cyber security regulation … Read more