Assets (What)Motivation (Why)Process (How)People (Who)Location (Where)Time (When)

Contextual Architecture
Business Goals & DecisionsBusiness RiskBusiness Meta ProcessesBusiness GovernanceBusiness GeographyBusiness Time Dependence
Business Value; Taxonomy of
Business Assets, including
Goals & Objectives, Success
Factors, Targets
Opportunities & Threats InventoryBusiness Value Chain; Business Capabilities Organisational Structure & the Extended EnterpriseInventory of Buildings, Sites, Territories, Jurisdictions, etc.Time Dependencies of Business Goals and Value Creation

Conceptual Architecture
Business Value & Knowledge
Risk Management Strategy &
Strategies for Process AssuranceSecurity & Risk Governance; Trust Framework Domain FrameworkTime Management Framework
Business Attributes Taxonomy & ProfileEnablement & Control Objectives; Policy Architecture; Risk Categories; Risk Management Strategies; Risk Architecture; Risk Modelling Framework; Assurance FrameworkInventory of all Operational Processes; Process Mapping Framework; Architectural Strategies for IT Owners, Custodians & Users, Service Providers & Customers; Trust Modelling FramrworkSecurity Domain Concept & FrameworkThrough-LIfe Risk Management Framework; attribute Performance Targets

Logical Architecture
Information AssetsRisk Management PoliciesProcess Maps and ServicesTrust RelationshipsDomain MapsCalendar and Timetables
Inventory of Information Assets Assets; Information Model of
the Business
Risk Models; Domain Policies; Assurance Criteria Information Flows; Functional Transformations; Service-Orientated Architecture; Services Catalogue; Application Functionality & ServicesDomain Authorities ; Entity Schema; Privilege Profiles; Trust Relationship ModelsDomain Definitions; Inter-Domain Associations; & InteractionsStart Times, Lifetimes and Deadlines

Physical Architecture
Data AssetsRisk Management PracticesProcess MechanismsHuman InterfaceInfrastructureProcessing Schedule
Data Dictionary & Data Storage
Devices Inventory
Risk Management Rules & Procedures; Risk MetadataWorking Procedures; Application Software; Middleware; Systems; Security Mechanisms; Process Control PointsUser Interface to Business Systems; Identity & Access Control SystemsWorkspaces; Host Platforms, Layout of Devices & ServicesTiming and Sequencing of Processes and Sessions

Component Architecture
Component AssetsRisk Management Components and ServicesProcess Components and StandardsHuman Entities; Components and Standards Locator Components and StandardsStep Timing & Sequencing Components and Standards
Products and Tools, including
Data Repositories and
Risk Analysis Tools; Risk Registers; Risk Monitoring & Reporting ToolsTools and Protocols for Process Delivery; Application ProductsIdentities; Job Descriptions;
Roles; Functions; Actions &
Access Control Lists
Nodes, Addresses, and Other
Locators; Component
Time Schedules; Clocks, Timers & Interrupts

Management Architecture
Delivery and Continuity
Operational Risk ManagementProcess Delivery ManagementGovernance, Relationship &
Personnel Management
Environment ManagementTime & Performance
Assurance of Operational.
Excellence & Continuity
Risk Assessment; Risk
Monitoring & Reporting; Risk
Management & Support of
Systems, Applications &
Management & Support of
Enterprise-wide & Extended
Enterprise Relationships
Management of Buildings,
Sites, Platforms & Networks
Management of Calendar &